Lukyanov - Infographic Design Lead

Berlin-based infographics agency INFOGRAFIK PRO welcomes a second managing director to their ranks.

Berlin-based infographics agency INFOGRAFIK PRO GmbH is joined by experienced managing director Alexey Lukyanov. Lukyanov will be in charge of Project Management, Human Resources and production. Prior to his new assignment, he was in an executive position at another Berlin-based infographics agency.

"I have known Alexey for many years and I am very excited about working with him", stated Malte Nisch, managing director at INFOGRAFIK PRO and founder of the full-service agency GOLDLAND MEDIA GmbH. The idea to establish a special service provider, whose main tasks lie in visualizing information and presenting relationships, in addition to the successful advertising agency GOLDLAND was an obvious one. Customers can access a substantial pool of selected specialists from the infographics industry to be involved depending on the project – animators, 3D artists, FX specialists, illustrators and 2D graphics designers, but also experienced consultants and project managers. Infographics expert Alexey Lukyanov will enrich the agency with his knowledge and experience.